What Is An SMS Tracker?

What Is An SMS Tracker?


Historically, an SMS tracker could be used to track messages sent and received on cellular devices. These days, however, smartphone apps are available to track SMS messages, social media activity, and much more.

Learn more about how SMS trackers work, what they can do, and how they can be used legally in this article.

What Can an SMS Tracker Do?

As the name suggests, and SMS tracker can be used to track and monitor text messages sent to and from a tracked device. Most SMS trackers designed for smartphones can also track different applications and online activity.

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Usually, a person or an organization would pay a monthly fee to use an SMS tracker dashboard – they can then install the SMS tracking software onto different mobile devices and collect data from every device that has the software installed.

Alongside the ability to track messages, tracking software can be used to track messages sent via IM services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The same software can be used to track emails, activity on social media platforms, and even GPS location. Essentially an SMS tracker has the potential to track absolutely any activity that happens on a tracked smartphone.

Usually such software is developed for Android and iOS – different features are available depending on whether the device being tracked is jailbroken or rooted. In most cases, the majority of features are available on devices with factory default software.

Why Would I Want To Use an SMS Tracker?

You may be wondering why you, or anybody else may want to use an SMS tracker. Whilst it may seem like a tool to illegally snoop into the private lives of other people, tracking technology can have many legal usage scenarios.

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One good example is in the case of an employer that has their employees interact with customers and go off-site to deal with clients. A company can install the software on company phones and require their employees to use it for work.

Employers can then monitor where an employee is, how they’re communicating with customers, and whether the jobs they’re working on are being completed.

In another case, a parent may use an SMS tracker to keep an eye on the places a child is visiting online. Concerned parents can also make sure that their children aren’t talking to any malicious individuals through text message or another IM platform.

Is It Illegal to Use an SMS Tracker?

It’s not illegal to use an SMS tracker so long as it’s used in the right circumstances. Tracking somebody’s activity online without their permission is a breach of privacy and is considered illegal in most countries.

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However, if you were to gain permission from the person in question beforehand, SMS trackers are legal to use.

So, for the above examples, an employer would need to let their employees know that tracking software is installed on the company phones before they hand them out. Parents would also need to let their child know that tracking software is installed on the child’s smartphone.


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