Are Your SMS Messages Being Tracked?

Are Your SMS Messages Being Tracked?


Are your SMS messages being tracked? With constant emerging threat to our privacy online, it’s very understandable why you may be worried about what’s being shared about you without your consent. In this article, we take a look at the possibility that your SMS messages or other activity on your smartphone may be being tracked.

Are Your SMS Messages Being Tracked By Government Organizations?

With news of organizations like the CIA using SMS tracking software, it’s a big concern that government organizations may be able to view your SMS messages.

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As unfortunate as it is, there’s no definite way of knowing whether your SMS messages are being tracked by a government organization. In recent years, many news stories about certain Android manufacturers having SMS tracking tools built-in under the hood have hit the media.

There’s even some doubt whether iOS devices are able to stop intrusions from government organizations. As it stands right now, nobody is quite sure what loopholes or backdoors are available for government organizations to spy on you from.

If you’re worried about government organizations spying on you, your best bet is to use an encrypted messaging app for private messages and to use an encrypted VPN app to keep your browsing history secret.

Are Your SMS Messages Being Tracked By Malicious Threats?

Fortunately, whilst government organizations may be breaching your privacy, they won’t be using this data to extort any financial information from you. On the other side of the fence, malicious threats that use SMS tracking apps to gain access to your bank details or other private personal information do exist.

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Thankfully, both Google and Apple work hard to stop threats from reaching the app store. To make sure that you’re not being tracked by malicious threats, you should only install apps that are trusted. Only install apps from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store and go through the permissions of each app before you install it.

If an app asks for permissions that it doesn’t need, for example a flashlight app needing access to your contacts, it’s likely this app is either selling your information to marketing agencies, or it’s using this information maliciously.

You can always download an anti-virus app to monitor which apps are installed on your device, but the best protection against malicious threats tracking your smartphone activity is to be vigilant about what you install in the first place.

Are Your SMS Messages Being Tracked By Work, Friends or Family?

If your work, a friend, or a family member are tracking your SMS messages without your permission, it’s a severe breach of privacy and is not legal. You have the right to know whether somebody you know is tracking your SMS messages.

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Thankfully, the only way for your work, a friend, or a family member to track your SMS activity is if they install an SMS tracking application on your device. This means that they’ll need to have physical access to your device. If you know that nobody has had physical access to your device, chances are that you won’t have an SMS tracking app on your device from anybody you know.

If your device was given to you, for example, as a work phone, or as a gift from a family member, there may be a chance that your SMS messages are being tracked.

These types of SMS tracking apps are designed to be hidden, so finding it on your smartphone is going to be very difficult. If you’re suspicious that you’re being tracked, the best bet is to approach the person you think may be tracking you.

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