Are Kik Messages Tracked by Kik?

Are your messages tracked by Kik?


In this article, we take a look at whether messages sent on the Kik messaging app are being tracked by Kik.

There are many different messaging services available for both Android and iPhone. With such great choice, you’ve got a lot of room to find the perfect messaging app for you. If you care about safety, security, and privacy, picking an app that can send and receive private messages is incredibly important.

If you’re concerned about whether your messages are being read by somebody else, there are two layers of concern when it comes to finding a safe messaging app.

Firstly, the first layer of security is company policy on data handling. Not all business are as open as they should be when it comes to handling your data, but you can often get a good idea of how a business handles your data by looking at the policies they do share with the public.

Some businesses may hold your data (for example, your sent and received messages) on their services, but may have a policy against searching through them, but they may still give them up if a warrant is received. In other cases, businesses may directly sell your data to advertising agencies, or use it for their own advertising platform.

The second layer of security is end-to-end encryption. With encryption correctly built into an app, messages can’t be read by anybody other than the message participants. Unfortunately, backdoors can be installed in encryption methods, which could mean messages could be saved, stored, and shared before they are fully encrypted.

To get a fully secure and private messaging app, you’ll need to be confident about the company’s data handling policies and be confident about their end-to-end encryption.

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When it comes to Kik, we can throw the second layer out the window straight away. Kik doesn’t offer any end-to-end encryption options for messaging others. This means that there’s no way to completely block others from reading your message data if it’s saved on the Kik servers.

Fortunately, the first layer, Kik’s data handling policies, are fairly decent from what we know about the company. Out of all the data tracked by Kik, your messages have priority over other data to be deleted as quickly as possible.

According to Kik developers, the Kik servers will delete your messages from their servers as soon as they are delivered to a user’s device. If you’re concerned about privacy, this means that Kik employees cannot read your messages, and the message contents cannot be shared with advertisers.

Technically, the data stored from messages tracked by Kik could be held onto if law enforcement requested it, but they’d need a warrant to do so. So, unless you’re evading law enforcement, you should feel safe that your messages aren’t being tracked by Kik.

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It’s possible that you may be safe even if law enforcement did request a warrant to see your messages. In most cases, data is deleted very quickly after messages are sent from one recipient to another. Unfortunately, there’s no information about whether the metadata for your messages is kept. Metadata can include when messages are sent and received, and who they’re sent between. Metadata can’t include the message contents.

If you’re really concerned, you should aim for a better option such as Whatsapp, which offers end-to-end encryption and protection against SMS tracking and call tracking.

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