Find My iPhone Hack Being Used To Extort Cash From Affected Users

Find My iPhone Is Being Used as Ransomware.


The iOS operating system is often praised for being a security safe haven. Malicious attempts to infiltrate iPhone user’s devices have often gone down unsuccessfully.

That is until now. A recent hack, which uses a strange loophole in the Find My iPhone feature, has been found to be holding devices hostage.

The Find My iPhone feature is often used as a security feature – it works to keep your device location on a virtual map at all times.

It can also be used to remotely lock out a device to stop any phone thieves from asking personal information. Unfortunately, this same lockout feature is being used as an odd ransomware attempt by malicious black hat hackers.

The only way anybody can access the Find My iPhone tools is if they get access to your Apple ID and password. This is where hackers are using phishing attempts and other methods to grab user data. Once an Apple ID and password has been found out, the hacker can then log into the Find My iPhone tool and lock out the device.

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The hacker will then get in touch with the victim and force them to pay a Bitcoin ransom to have their device unlocked. Ransom has been seen in standard currency, for example via PayPal, but using Bitcoin as a payment method has made it very hard for the attackers to be traced.

Thankfully, this new method isn’t infiltrating Apple’s servers in any way. Those that carry out this attack won’t be able to get into your device, either. So you can be safe in knowing that any malicious attempts to track SMS messages, pry through your data, or steal other personal information aren’t going to happen.

You can also avoid the attack entirely by watching out for phishing emails and text messages.

If you receive an email that asks you to change your password or log into your Apple account, you should double check it’s not a fake phishing email designed to send you to a fake version of the Apple website that can be used to steal your login data.

The best thing to do if you’re not sure if an email is legitimate or not is to visit Apple directly. Never click any links in your email. You can also ask Apple to find out whether the email you received is from them or from a malicious third party.

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Thankfully, besides the phishing attempts explained above, there is no known way for hackers to infiltrate your Find My iPhone account. So far, Apple has been praised for the layers of security used on their iOS and MacOS operating systems.

Whilst Google has been in the news recently for their failure to stop malware from infiltrating the Google Play Store, Apple hasn’t had any issues with similar apps affecting iOS users.

Even with Apple’s security measures, you should still be careful – this latest attack shows that even Apple isn’t 100% secure if you’re not careful with where you enter your passwords and login information.

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