Are Facebook Secret Conversations Tracked by Facebook?

Facebook is Notorious for Data Grabbing


Are Facebook secret conversations tracked by Facebook? The new secret conversations feature was clearly designed to give Facebook Messenger users a new place to privately share secret messages, but how can we put trust in a company that seemingly takes any data it can about us to use on its advertising platform?

In this article, we take a look at the possibility that your messages on secret conversations are being tracked by Facebook. We look into Facebook’s previous policy on handling Facebook Messenger data, their willingness to grab data where it’s most valuable, and the functionality of the secret conversations feature.

Facebook is Notorious for Data Grabbing

Besides Google, Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world. Businesses flock to Facebook cash in hand to get their products and services advertised. The reason for this is because Facebook’s user targeting tools are perhaps the best on the planet.

Facebook Secret Conversations Tracked by Facebook 2

The reason why Facebook has such exceptional user targeting tools for its advertising platform is because it takes all of the data it possibly can from Facebook users.

When a Facebook user likes a page, shares their work/education history or posts from a device with GPS targeting turned on, Facebook will grab that information and use it to create a profile out of that user.

As a Facebook user interacts with the platform for longer, the profile that Facebook has created for that person becomes more accurate and grabs more interests in-line with what products that person is actually interested in.

It’s fascinating from an advertiser’s perspective, but as a Facebook user, you can’t help but feel used and abused. Unfortunately, we’re not sure the Facebook secret conversations feature is safe from Facebook’s privacy-breaching grasp.

Are Facebook Secret Conversations Tracked by Facebook? – Most Likely

According to Facebook, the Facebook secret conversations feature uses end-to-end encryption. The same service also allows users to set how long it takes for messages to be deleted and eradicated from history.

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Whilst we’d love to believe Facebook on this, we’re not sure we can. Previously, Facebook started using an acquired VPN service to grab user data whilst hiding under the guise of a safe, secure virtual private network.

If they’ll use these tactics to get more juicy data from their customers, who, by the way, may not necessarily even be using Facebook at the time, what’s to stop them from putting their hands in the sweet, sweet nectar that is Facebook secret conversations?

Whilst, yes, the service may actually include end-to-end encryption, and the messages may even be removed from the Facebook servers shortly after being sent, we’re not convinced Facebook isn’t going to try and grab something from those that use it.

It’s possible that Facebook may even track what messages are inputted into the Messenger app – keywords related to different products or industries may be added to your advertising profile. Alternatively, Facebook may simply make a copy of the message before it is encrypted.

All of this is speculation on our part, but we’d be very surprised if Facebook legitimately made a messaging service that users could use to hide their data from Facebook.

At this point, with Facebook using tactics akin to SMS tracking to see what you’re interested in, it may be best to use a different provider.

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